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Jewelry with a Purpose

Neckglasses takes eyewear style to the next level. Elegance and ease-of-use intertwine perfectly into one iconic fashion statement.

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Why Neckglasses?



Fun. Compact. Durable.

We started with a passion for always having our glasses handy, but also having the ability to carry and conceal them. Our products are sourced from high-quality materials and embody well-thought-out designs. Each pair comes with a one-year guarantee.


"I saw my first pair of Neckglasses in a boutique in New York. I went home and found there were multiple models and versions to choose from, so I bought six -- different styles depending on how I feel!"

Catelyn N. -- Miami, FL

"I get compliments almost every time I wear my Neckglasses. Every style is beautiful and unique. High-quality and they are guaranteed for a year!"

Grace L. -- Nashville, TN

"I'm only 42 and ran my first half marathon last week. I'm not ready for 'Granny readers on a string!' I have a Dianna for my evenings out and my Maria for everyday use. I don't leave home without them."

Gretchen S. -- Denver, CO

"My daughter bought me the Karen for Christmas last year. I love it! Nobody even knows my Neckglasses are readers until I want them to!

Debbie V. -- Dallas, TX