VIDEO: Northeast Mississippi Company Prepared to Make Big Push Into Jewelry-Accessory Market with ‘NECKGLASSES’

TUPELO, MISS. (WCBI) – Karen Ganovsky and her sister in law, Dianna Seddon are making sure everything is ready at their space in Building Two of the Tupelo Furniture Market.

The two are best friends and now business partners. They have developed a product called “NeckGlasses,” reading glasses disguised as jewelry.

Karen got the idea when she noticed a change in her vision.

“Went to the eye doctor and he said, welcome to the plague of the 40s, stop by Walgreens and get yourself a 12 pack of glasses,” Ganovsky said.

Karen did just that, but kept losing the glasses.

“I was talking with some friends and said, you know,I’m just going to invent something, think of something stylish, beautiful, functional, but they will always be on me and I won’t have to worry about leaving them , tracking them down , and I got a pencil and paper out, started drawing and came up with a pretty simple idea and it took off from there,” Ganovsky said.

An engineer made a couple of prototypes, and now ” NeckGlasses ” are available in several styles.

Dianna Seddon was also at an age where she needed reading glasses and immediately caught the vision of NeckGlasses.

“First of all, I thought I was too young to need readers and I certainly didn’t want them hanging around my neck, so anyway I could disguise the fact that I am old enough to need readers, I instantly loved it,” Seddon said.

Dianna handles the administrative duties for the company. Materials for the NeckGlasses are made overseas, then the product is assembled in Oxford. There are even models for men.

Response has been positive, and negotiations are underway for a spot on a national shopping network. Both women know the business could soon be on a fast track, and they have a vision for the future.

“We do have busy, full lives, with other jobs, that we need to do, I would love to get, one day, a licensing agreement with a company to take over all manufacturing and we get licensing rights,” Ganovsky said.

In the meantime, the entrepreneurs are setting their sights on potential customers at their first trade show of the year.

“NeckGlasses’ will retail from 19. 95 to 29. 95 depending on where you purchase them. For more information, go to Neckglasses on Facebook or

Source: WCBI