WE Magazine for Women – Product Review – Neckglasses

Delighted to share our newest product review My Neckglasses., the stylish solution to finding your readers anytime, anywhere. Neckglasses are patented readers hidden within a necklace.  Each unique, stylish necklace has a hidden bonus…a pair of readers.

About the Founders: Karen Ganovsky and her business partner / sister in law Dianna Seddon were both self employed with their own successful businesses.  Karen, an Interior Designer and Dianna co- owner of a Home Inspection Co., when they developed the need for readers and set out to create and manufacture a pair that would look stylish and professional when worn.

About the Company: Neckglasses began as an answer to the age old (no pun intended) question…Where are my glasses?  Determined to have readers camouflaged yet available Neckglasses introduced readers hidden within a necklace.  Easy to find, functional and still fashionable. www.myneckglasses.com

About the Product: Neckglasses are unique, patented, stylish readers that let you “Magnify in Style”.  For years, women have struggled with the stigma of wearing readers…..”granny glasses”.  Propping them on your head, messing up your hair, stretching out collars by looping them through, misplacing them and losing them in the bottom your purse….all big pains!  Why not have them at your fingertips for quick use and still look fashionable and “hip” with a necklace that has a purpose…hidden readers! Menus, price tags, playbills, church bulletins, and many other small font prints seem to torment us everyday around the age of 40.  We offer different styles with strengths from 1.25 to 3.0.  Neckglasses made their “A PEEP ance” in 2015.  We have been seen on TV on local ABC affiliates, FOX affiliates, as well as appearances on HSN, QVC UK and are making a national debut on ABC in May and June.  We proudly sponsor RestoringVision.org, which is a non profit organization that helps give the gift of sight by donating readers to those in need in undeveloped countries.  For each pair of Neckglasses sold, a pair of readers is donated.  We can be seen at fashion accessory, optical, gift, museum store, and Christian store trade shows all over the USA.  Check out our website for all the news media articles we have been featured in.  We have also been featured in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France and the United Kingdom.


Neckglasses can be purchased online at our website www.myneckglasses.com, as well as Amazon, Walmart.com, HSN, QVC UK, Connections Airport Shops, Farmhouse Boutiques, and hundreds of independent pharmacy stores, gift shops, Christian retail stores, boutiques, hotel and souvenir shops, and Museum gift stores. They retail for $29.95

Note: I have 3 pair of Neckglasses and love them! They have come in handy at the grocery store, the bank and when my husband and I have gone out to dinner.  I now wear them everywhere and plan to purchase more – they will also make great gifts for the holidays, birthdays and as a special celebration.

Be sure and get yours here: www.myneckglasses.com

Source: WE Magazine for Women