PayPal Finance Package - All-Around 9-Pack

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New PayPal Finance All-Around 9-Pack!

Whether you are traveling, working, reading or jogging, the All-Around 9-Pack has what you need, when you need it!

  • Karen Silver Bling
  • Catherine Gold Mini-Bling
  • Dianna Silver Locket
  • Susan Gold Locket
  • Emily Silver Fan
  • Emily Gold Circle
  • Pierce Gunmetal
  • Maria Tortoise Shell
  • Myles Mini

The perfect designer reading glasses package!

(Note: Customer is not required to use PayPal or PayPal Financing to purchase product. Also, Myles Mini and Pierce Gunmetal are not available in 1.75 strength. 1.5 strength will be substituted if customer chooses this package in 1.75).